1. Mercy

From the recording All I Want Is You

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I know what you might feel when you see my face
But I’m a different man, yeah, I’m a different man
‘Cause I’ve found an amazing grace
And everything - everything is mercy now

Mercy comes like falling rain
To wash away the stain from everything
Mercy bought by precious blood
The cleansing flood of mercy

You know I can’t change the way I feel
But I feel the way that it changes me
‘Cause this is becoming real to me
And every day is Sunday

Repeat Chorus

Mercy - the only thing that stems the tide
Mercy - the only place where you can hide
Mercy - will beat the swords into plowshares

And even though something went wrong a long time ago
Love has always had a remedy
It brings light to the darkest soul
‘Cause even judgment bows to mercy

Repeat Chorus 2x