From the recording All I Want Is You

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I got up this morning
Still trying to get you off my mind
Then I started wonderin’
What the hell did I think I was trying to find
‘Cause you are the breeze through my trees
As you blow through my mind

That’s what brings me to us
Caught me singing the melody
To more than a feeling

Keeps me dreaming of us
Our better angels sing along
They know our song
Can’t help but bring me to us

I can’t help but ponder if I let it ring
And then you’re answering
What would I be sayin’
To try and define what I’m feeling inside
‘Cause you could cast my doubt away
With three little words - so absurd

Repeat Chorus

Just another day or a thousand years
Or another way or another tear
As I meditate on another fear
You just slip away

Guitar Solo

Repeat Chorus 2x