1. Never Go Away

From the recording All I Want Is You

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I remember the first time you looked back over shoulder
And saw me staring with my chin on the floor
I think you laughed ‘cause you knew it was love
And now I’m sure it’s so much more

Touch me, tell me that you want me
Love me like you need me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
I have one last request and I really think it’s best
That you never go away

Well it seems that what we have right here
Is a genuine love affair
‘Cause it’s so much deeper than it seems
A once in a crazy lifetime dream

Repeat Chorus

I’m just holding on to fireflies and moonbeams
And fairy tails
‘Cause all we ever do when I’m next to you
Is ride upon the wind (and listen to jazz)

Guitar Solo

If I were you and you were me
I really don’t think that I’d change a thing
Romantic synchronicity
The dream inside a dreamer’s dream

Repeat Chorus 2x