REXmusicTV episode 2, January 14, 2022


"In 2019, Rex Paul Schnelle hit an artistic home run collaborating with Phil Keaggy on Illumination. In Rex’s new solo record, All I Want is You, he again flexes his guitar-hero muscles, but this time he goes even further to show off his range as a producer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist.  Rex has an uncanny talent for distilling the essence of another artist’s style – sometimes across multiple decades! – into a refined and somehow exalted sound that produces a singular sort of cognitive dissonance in the listener’s mind.  It brings the rush of hearing something new and extraordinary, accompanied by the warm fuzzy of a song you’ve heard dozens of times before.  Along the journey you will unmistakably hear Sting, Chicago, John Mayer, Oasis, and strains of Earth, Wind and Fire – and yet it’s all Rex (along with brilliant cameos by Keaggy and fellow guitar hero Eric Johnson).  All you want is to keep listening."  - Matthew McMahon